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What a Performance for Ethiopia: 751 Biogas Digesters Per Month!

Ethiopia had planned to construct 3,000 biogas digesters in 2012. They managed 2,511 instead. Though they were not able to achieve the target, they attained what no other country has ever achieved in Africa; constructing 751 biogas digesters in one month (December 2012). They broke their own record since in the month of November, they still stood above the rest of the other countries by constructing 419 biogas diesters. One may hardly appreciate this until s/he understands the environment under which this was achieve:
1. Ethiopia for a long time has operated without a National/Country Programme Coordinator.
2. The high poverty level; it is among the countries with the lowest income per capita.
3. Dispersed population; making it quite expensive for any movements, both of masons, promoters, programme staff and construction materials.
4. Hilly topography; still making it challenging to carry out movements.

Despite this good performance there are challenges to be surmounted:
a) It said that “it is easier to become number one than to remain number one”. The challenge is in maintaining this trend. They therefore need to reflect on what made them reach such a remarkable level of performance so that they are able to draw a road map to maintain or better the results.
b) Managing the growth. Biogas is not only about constructing the biogas digesters but managing the whole sector. There needs to be in a place a strategy to manage other components as bioslurry management, sustainability, Gender Mainstreaming etc.

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