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More Partners Embrace Biogas

As biogas technology awareness continues to gain steam, and more farmers adopt, interest from organizations willing to partner with KENDBIP continues to increase. Many such organizations with linkages in the grassroots are seeking partnerships and tailoring their services to suit the interest of farmers. From financial institutions to local non-governmental organizations, interest in biogas technology seems to have found a new home in these organizations.

In July, a partnership agreement between KENDBIP and East Africa Dairy Development Programme, EADD, with Family Bank on financing of biogas plants construction to EADD’s farmers was signed in Eldoret. The agreement aims at ensuring farmers delivering their milk through the organization’s chilling plants benefit from tailor-made loans for renewable energy. About 4000 farmers are expected to benefit from the initial roll out expected to begin at the end of the year. EADD has over 94,000 members delivering their milk in Rift Valley and Central provinces.

EADD’s Dominic Menjo(F-in black) hosting ABPP team in Eldoret

Biogas technology in Kenya has continued to generate interest from different organizations, with KENDBIP having signed several partnerships with both financial and non-financial institutions in the country. Three financial institutions are already engaged in the programme working with farmers’ organizations to finance plants construction. More partnerships are expected to be signed as the programme advances.

KENDBIP is also working with other partners to promote local capacities in production of biogas appliances and end products. Already, several partner organizations are engaged in bio-slurry extension training and promotion of organic farming. This is intended to reduce the financial burden on farmers from purchase of chemical fertilizers while creating agricultural sustainability. Production of a modified biogas stove adopted from Ethiopia is at an advanced stage and is expected to further bring down installation costs.

Using dairy cattle as collateral for loans, financial institutions partnering with KENDBIP have tailored their loan products to tap into renewable energy and afford farmers the technological benefits. Peer guarantees offered by farmers’ groups, like the Dairy Management Groups, enhance their credit worth. Over 200 DMGs under EADD are expected to benefit from this agreement at the initial phase.



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