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Gender Mainstreaming


This Gender Mainstreaming (GM) Guide has been developed by ENERGIA, the International network on Gender and Sustainable Energy, as preparation for the Workshop on Gender Mainstreaming in ABPP, which



1. What is biogas? Biogas is combustible gas produced from anaerobic digestion of organic (crop, animal and human waste) in the absence of oxygen.  Ever seen bubbles rising from a

Benefits of biogas


BENEFITS OF BIOGAS The social and economic benefits of domestic biogas for rural household are enormous and diverse. These benefits are to be found in improved health and

ABPP 2011 Annual Report


Although by the end of 2011, ABPP had managed to achieve only 14% (11, 187 biogas digesters) of its overall 5-year numerical target (70,500), the programme realized 129% growth compared

2012 Dashboard Report


2012 was the turning point as far as large scale dissemination of biogas plants and consequent development of a market oriented biogas sector is concerned. The year saw the programme

The ABPP 2012 Annual Report


2012 proved to be a good year for ABPP as most of the activities were in the full implementation and up-scaling mode. For its first phase (2009-2014) the programme ambitioned

Case Study on Biogas Entrepreneurship, Kenya


This report is an outcome of a case study on biogas entrepreneurship that was commissioned by the Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP). The main objective of the study was to

Article on biodigestersArticle sur le Biodigesteur


Please find  the french article on the biodigester published in the latest issue of The Event. [download id="24"]Veuillez trouver ci-joint l’article sur le biodigesteur paru dans le dernier numéro de