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Biodigester Infographic

Traditionally, a biodigester has been linked to biogas. That is a uni-dimensional perspective that does not really give the inter-linkages that exists within a biodigester platform. From a biodigester gas is produced. The gas may be used for lighting and/or coocking. At the industrial level, the gas may be used to generate electricity. That may not be the centre of focus for now since ABPP focuses only on domestic biodigesters which produce gas at a lower scale (not sufficient to generate electricity). Even if it was able to, most of the households that ABPP work with do not have sufficient resources to make that happen. Besides gas, a biodigester also produces bioslurry, which from experience has got a wide range of uses in agriculture (as manure, as a feed, as a pest repellant etc.).

Before reaching the level of production of gas and bioslurry, there needs to be an infrastructure that supports that to happen and also making the whole undertaking sustainable. This is enshrined in a number of work packages: training, promotion and marketing, credit, quality control, Monitoring and Evaluation etc.

At times, it may be challenging to grasp all that have been said in the above two paragraphs in words. In that respect, a graphical representation may make it easier. Please click here to access it.


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