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From a housewife to a biogas expert


Agnes Nanduja hails from a small village in Eastern Uganda. After dropping out of school all in Senior 3, her aunt supported her to join a nearby vocational training institute

Soldiering female mason transforms husband


Nailejileji, a 35 year old Maasai woman from Sanawari, Arusha, Tanzania had masonry skills and was interested in constructing biogas plants. She worked very hard to convince her husband who

The Blog: A tool for the promotion of Biogas


Today, the blog has become a powerful tool for social communication used mainly  by the youth and community based organizations to get and also share specific technical, scientific and cultural 

conceived biogas plants in a food queue


It was a deal sealed on the food queue. No, they were three deals; all in a span of less than twelve hours! At the ABPP promotion and marketing workshop